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Your Career After the Pandemic: Now What?

The pandemic forced many people to place their careers on hold. Some people lost their jobs altogether. Some found their job opportunities few and far between. Still others chose to keep their heads down and focus all their attention on keeping their job.

Now that things seem to be starting back to normal (hopefully!), it’s a good time to do a career checkup and see where you stand. Here are the steps you should take:

Assess your current job

If you were fortunate to maintain your job through the pandemic, you should take a look to make sure it is still meeting your expectations and career aspirations. Ask yourself:

Am I being paid fairly and competitively?

Do I like my boss and the people I work with?

Is my work enjoyable?

Am I offered opportunities for advancement?

Are there opportunities for professional growth and development?

Do the company’s values align with my own?

Do I have the right work-life balance?

Are my efforts being recognized and rewarded?

Write down your answers to these questions to identify what you like and dislike about your work. This will lead you to a list of things you might want to change in your career.

Update your resume and other marketing materials

Even if you are not actively looking for a new job, you should always keep your resume current as you never know when a good opportunity might come your way. When it does, you will need to be able to respond right away. At the same time, update your Linkedin profile to accurately reflect your status and objectives.

And while you’re at it, it would be an excellent time to see what’s out there about you on social media and clean up any digital dirt that may send the wrong message about you to prospective employers.

Plan your professional development

A lot of budgets got cut during the pandemic, including PD. Even if your employer doesn’t support the cost of training, you should still invest in your future. Make a list of your areas for growth and find courses that make you more marketable. Keep in mind that with the explosion of online learning, the cost of training has come down.

Make a list of people you would like to meet

Since most business and social networking opportunities were cancelled during the pandemic, you may find past relationships have changed or people have moved on to other things. Maintaining contact with others will always be an important part of career management so make a new list and start working it.

Focus on health and wellness

If you’re like most people, your fitness routine suffered during the pandemic. There’s a strong relationship between your physical well-being and your career. You should make it a priority.