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Meet Our Team

Ingrid Theiss

Ingrid sees human resources as an opportunity to help employees become more engaged and bring value to their organizations. She is dedicated to ensuring every person is valued and respected to make a strong community.

Ingrid has a Bachelor of Administration from Brazil and a background in training and development in the insurance brokerage field. She also has experience in finance, operations, and administrative management in the hospitality sector in Toronto. Ingrid is currently pursuing her Diploma in Human Resources through Saint Mary’s University.

Ingrid’s attention to detail shows in her office management as well as her ability to understand the needs of clients and help them achieve their goals.

As a problem solver, Ingrid is organized, focused, and creative with her space and projects. She loves to combine research with real issues facing organizations to find solutions.  When not at the office, you will find Ingrid helping newcomers to Nova Scotia with their job search and welcoming them in their new province.