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Executive Director - Offshore Energy Research Association - POSITION FILLED.

As Executive Director of the Offshore Energy Research Association, you will play an important role in the research and development of the energy sector in Nova Scotia.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are seeking a highly-respected person with broad skills and well-developed leadership abilities to lead the organization.

What qualities are needed as Executive Director?

The job of Executive Director is a challenging one that requires a seasoned leader proficient in managing complex relationships in academia, research, industry, government, and the community. Collaborative by nature, you must be able to build consensus among these stakeholders while moving research agendas forward – on time and within budget.

You will report to the Board of Directors. As such, you must have proven experience working collectively with elected boards and committees. You bring a full understanding of governance models and processes, and always provide sound advice on strategic and policy matters.

Ideally, you have sound knowledge of the energy sector in Nova Scotia, as well as an understanding of scientific research, peer review process, funding & award mechanisms. 

From an operational point of view, you have well-developed skills in human resources, financial management, operations, marketing and public relations, research, policy development, and strategic planning.

You have a practical and transparent approach to fiscal and policy management and possess a post-graduate degree in management, public administration, research, science, or law.