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Executive Director  - POSITION FILLED

The Association for Textile Recycling (AFTeR) is a not-for-profit organization that represents textile collectors and recyclers. Their charitable initiatives help support social causes, impacting children at risk, disease, marginalized citizens and those facing crisis. This association of organizations is dedicated to collecting and diverting textiles and footwear, thus reducing impact on landfills, saving municipalities collection and disposal costs and raising funds to promote stronger, healthier communities.

On their behalf, we are seeking a self-motivated person for the newly-created position of Executive Director.

What qualities are needed as Executive Director?

Starting out, this is a part-time position (50%) that may lead to a permanent role after one year.

As the only employee of this organization, you will work closely with the Board of Directors in developing a visionary strategic plan and then lead its implementation.

Professionally, you are comfortable with all the financial and operational aspects of running a not-for-profit organization that includes: operations, finance, marketing and communications, community partnerships, fund raising, risk management, and program development.

You are at ease serving as the face of the organization in community outreach and advocacy roles. Here, you will build and maintain good working relationships with community groups, funders, government, elected officials, members, media, and other key stakeholders.

You must also have a strong appreciation for governance in the not-for-profit sector. As such you will demonstrate strong leadership as you work with the Board in policy development, program planning, and strategic direction—keeping Board members fully apprised of all external and internal issues that could affect the organization.

Personally, you have a strong commitment to social justice, social entrepreneurship, and the environment and have demonstrated that you truly care about others through your actions and work experience.