Take This Job And Love It

Presented in keynote or interactive workshop format, Gerald shares with audience members the key lessons he has learned from interviewing and coaching over 10,000 individuals throughout his consulting career.

As one of Canada’s most knowledgeable search consultants, Gerald has learned a lot about people and their careers. He will help you discover that the best way to achieve success in your career and your life is to work with a concrete plan. His lessons will enable you to manage your career with a clear understanding of your goals, a precise plan of action, and a realistic picture of what you can expect.

In particular, he encourages attendees to look to the end of their career and ask themselves how they want to be remembered. While most people say they want to be remembered for their family contributions, community involvement and good character, many focus their career activities on building wealth, accumulating possessions, and seeking impressive sounding job titles.

Whether you are a young professional just getting started in your career, an established leader seeking more growth, or at mid-career hoping to find more meaningful work in the second half of your career, you will find the lessons that Gerald shares to be useful and relevant to achieving those goals.