Renewing Your Career @ Mid-Life

Somewhere between 45 and 55 years of age – about halfway through a career – many people feel the urge to live more authentically. They want to discover and experience more of the purpose and meaning of their life. Time begins to feel more valuable. Money becomes less of a motivator. Relationships become more important. Your work, once felt to be a channel to express your values, becomes boring and exhausting. The thought of changing careers, of doing something you’re really passionate about, invades your thoughts.

But the very thought of a career change at this stage in your life frightens you. You have a good job with a respectable income, attractive benefits, and comfortable surroundings. You’re well regarded for what you do and your future is relatively secure.

Take comfort – you’re not alone. Many mid-career people have hit the same crossroad and are experiencing the same feelings.

In this inspiring workshop, Gerald Walsh will help you answer many of the questions that are running through your mind: Why would I give up what I have? What else am I good at? What jobs are available for someone like me? Can I afford to take less pay for a job I really like? What would my friends think? What could I do that would really excite me?

Renewing Your Career @ Mid-Life is an unparalleled opportunity for you to explore the meaning and purpose of your life, and take concrete steps to find the type of work that matters in the second half of your career.