Attract and Retain Engaged Employees

In this thought-provoking presentation, Gerald tackles the most pressing business challenge facing employers today – how to get and keep good employees.

Drawing upon his own unique experiences recruiting for leading employers as well as studying the best practices of some of North America’s most-respected employers, Gerry delivers a powerful and clear answer to this question by introducing a series of employee-focused workplace strategies that will help employers gain a competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Many employers use compensation as their one and only tool to influence the recruitment and retention of employees. However, Gerald proposes that money alone is not the best answer. Rather, it is a combination of tools that should be used to get and keep good people including: employee recognition programs, meaningful work, life-work balance, corporate social responsibility, a commitment to the environment, professional development, personal well-being initiatives, as well as, fair compensation.

Using clear examples of both good and bad practices, Gerald challenges the audience to think strategically about their own recruitment and retention activities, and offers practical and simple advice on how to overcome today’s most pressing business problem.