Gerald Walsh’s mission is to help organizations find the right people and help individuals find the right careers.

Gerald is an accomplished speaker and facilitator and he shares his deep experience by conducting keynote speeches and workshops for professional groups, industry associations, not-for-profit groups, universities, and companies. You will find his talks to be engaging, practical, and rooted in real-life experiences.

Take a look at Gerald speaking at a municipal government conference on the recruitment and selection of Chief Administrative Officers.

Here is Gerald speaking to a group of young professionals about what he has learned about careers after interviewing over 10,000 people throughout his own career.


If you are planning a company meeting, conference or special event and would like to book Gerald to speak, please contact us at (902) 424-1112.

Gerald’s Speaking Topics

Creating a Workplace to Attract and Retain Engaged Employees

In this thought-provoking presentation, Gerald tackles the most pressing business challenge facing employers today – how to get and keep good employees. Discover this unique approach.

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Recruitment, Selection and Evaluation of Not-For-Profit Leaders

In this talk, Gerald delivers clear and practical advice on how Boards of Directors should approach one of the most critical decisions they will face – hiring an Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer.

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Take This Job And Love It

Gerald has interviewed over 10,000 individuals throughout his career. He has learned a lot about people and their careers and he shares this knowledge with you in this stimulating talk.

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Renewing Your Career @ Mid-Life

Let Gerald help you explore the meaning and purpose of your life and take concrete steps to find the type of work that matters in the second half of your career.

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