Executive Recruitment New Brunswick

Our mission at Gerald Walsh Associates to help companies and organizations in New Brunswick with their executive recruitment needs hasn't changed in the 27 years.

Since assisting our first client we've used the simple approach that we help organizations find the right people and assist individuals in their search for the right career. Employers have entrusted their executive recruitment needs to us since 1990 because we find the right people for the right job. That will in turn contribute to your success while avoiding expensive hiring mistakes.

Our executive recruitment experience is broad and includes placing managers and professionals in key positions in the following sectors:

  • Production
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Non-profit
  • Municipal
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Human resources

A big reason why we are one of Canada's most-experienced executive search consultants is Gerald Walsh, who has interviewed over 10,000 candidates, and provides leadership to our own talented professionals. Our team works with a large base of clients that include owner-managed businesses, corporations, government and non-government organizations and non-profits.

We use a six-step hiring process

Our executive recruitment process includes the following six steps to obtain the best candidates and ultimately the right fit:

  • We will understand what your needs are
  • Source candidates
  • Screening interviews
  • Interview clients
  • Background checking and testing
  • Job offer

If you're interested in working with us take a minute to fill out our contact form located on the right of the page. You can call us at 902-424-1112 or feel free to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.