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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching program helps leaders become more successful and productive through measurable and sustainable behaviour change.

We focus on three types of needs:

Performance improvement and change: We coach individuals to better understand the requirements of their jobs, the competencies needed, any gaps in their current performance, and opportunities to improve. We then work with the individual, their employer, and colleagues to address performance gaps and develop plans for professional growth.

High-potential individuals: We coach individuals who are key to the organization, or part of the succession plan. Our coaching focus is developmental and includes assessment, competency development, team building, and assistance planning and implementing strategic projects.

Newly-appointed managers: We help new managers embrace their new leadership roles. The goal is to identify the primary responsibilities, key deliverables in the first few months, and effective ways to integrate the team that they will be leading.

To discuss our coaching programs further, please contact us for more details.