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10 Lies We Tell Ourselves When Looking for A Job

Looking for a job can be terribly frustrating especially when it’s taking a lot longer than you hoped. Sometimes there are legitimate barriers. Perhaps you lack certain skills or the economy happens to be soft in your field. But often, the source of the

10 Signs You Should Not Take the Job

Looking for a job requires a big investment of time and energy, and, in some cases, money. It can also be a long, drawn-out process during which you might experience a range of emotions including excitement, disappointment, frustration, self-doubt, and rejection. So, it’s no

What To Do If You Are Overqualified For A Job

For some strange reason, employers view being overqualified for a job as a bad thing. Their fears, mostly, are rooted in the belief that you will become bored with the work and move on once a better opportunity arises. Or, that the pay won’t

The 10 Most Frequent Job Searching Errors

Everyone makes mistakes now and then. But in a competitive job market, the smallest of mistakes, even a minor typo or grammatical error, can cost you a chance at a good job. We’ve seen lots of blunders over the years. Here are the ten
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