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Confidence + Humility

Being confident in an interview is good so long as you don’t come across as arrogant. Humility is also good. It’s a positive character trait most people admire. But like too much confidence (arrogance), too much humility can rule you out as a job

The Benefits of Working For A Small Company

I am a big fan of small business and always encourage young people to consider this route when thinking about where they will work. Many people (falsely) believe that a big company will provide lots of job security and offer a great career path.

Lies We Tell Ourselves When Looking for A Job

31JAN2021 Lies We Tell Ourselves When Looking for A Job By Gerald Walsh © Looking for a job can be frustrating especially when it’s taking longer than hoped. Sometimes there are legitimate barriers, like a weak economy. But more often the source of the

What Should You Do If You Suddenly Lose Your Job?

Earlier this week at a local news radio station, eight people—including a couple I know well—lost their jobs unexpectedly. Admittedly, they are in an industry that is susceptible to economic swings. But it’s still a shock, and it brought to mind the question: What

Why Am I Not Getting Interviews?

Has this happened to you? You apply for a job believing you meet all the requirements. Then you wait and wait for that call to schedule an interview. But it never comes. Why weren’t you picked? Here are 10 possible reasons: 1. You didn’t

What Is The Hidden Job Market?

Simply put, it is all those jobs (or potential jobs) that have yet to be advertised, such as: Jobs that are still in the planning stages; Jobs that will arise due to corporate reorganization or restructuring; Jobs that will open up due to retirements,

How to Successfully Conclude a Job Search

Conducting an exhaustive search for a new job can be a lengthy and gruelling process. So, it’s not surprising that once you land that new job, your attention turns to the future. But your search is not over yet. The relationships you developed throughout

How to Compete in a Highly Competitive Job Market

No one knows when things will return to “normal” but when they do there will be a lot of people competing for fewer jobs. The question is: How can you stand out? How can you differentiate yourself from other candidates? There are reasons why
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