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If Money Was No Object, What Would You Be Doing?

Which scenario describes you the best? You work to finance the necessities of life: pay the rent, support your family, or fund your hobbies. You don’t want your work to interfere with your personal life. Loyalty to your employer is low and you’ve changed

How to Create a Personal Development Plan

One of the most challenging—but most useful—aspects of career planning is figuring out what skills you need to develop to advance your career. To do this you need to build your own personal development plan which is a process that helps you define what

How (And Why) To Write A Personal Vision Statement

I read a lot of books on personal development, growth, leadership, and so on. One of my all-time favourites is The Power of Full Engagement by authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. There is a wonderful quote in the book which is: The issue is not

Is It Time to Consider a Career with Greater Purpose?

Times of crisis and tragedy often make us introspective and give us an opportunity to reflect on our own lives. In doing so, many of us wonder about life’s purpose and ask, “Is that all there is?” or “Am I doing enough to help

Renewing Your Career at Mid-Life

At mid-career, you may begin to wonder if you are in the right job, and contemplate “Is this all there is?” As you think back over your career, you may recall the plans you had about making a difference in people’s lives—doing work that

Is There Really A Hidden Job Market?

The short answer is: Yes! Simply put, it is all those jobs (or potential jobs) that have yet to be publicized, such as: Jobs that are still in the planning stages; Jobs that will arise due to corporate reorganization or restructuring; Jobs that will
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