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Should You Ask for that Raise?

Have you been thinking about asking for a raise but not quite sure how to bring up the subject with your boss? Here are a few things to think about first: Forget the old criteria for granting raises. Long gone are the days when

Avoid Making Career Decisions You’ll Later Regret

Many people wander through their career without direction, moving from one job to the next without a clear sense of purpose. Then one day—usually around mid-career—they wake up and wonder how they ended up where they are. Most times, the emotion expressed is regret.

Your Career After the Pandemic: Now What?

The pandemic forced many people to place their careers on hold. Some people lost their jobs altogether. Some found their job opportunities few and far between. Still others chose to keep their heads down and focus all their attention on keeping their job. Now

How Much Notice Should You Give?

The Labour Standards Code (or equivalent) in every province specifies the minimum notice period you must give your employer should you decide to quit your job. For example, in Nova Scotia, you must give one week’s notice if you have worked with an employer

The Benefits of Working For A Small Company

I am a big fan of small business and always encourage young people to consider this route when thinking about where they will work. Many people (falsely) believe that a big company will provide lots of job security and offer a great career path.

My New Year’s Wish List

I am sure you will agree that 2020 has been an extraordinary year and no doubt many people will be happy it is over. As we mark the holiday season, many of us will look back over the past year and reflect. At the

What Should You Do If You Suddenly Lose Your Job?

Earlier this week at a local news radio station, eight people—including a couple I know well—lost their jobs unexpectedly. Admittedly, they are in an industry that is susceptible to economic swings. But it’s still a shock, and it brought to mind the question: What

If Money Was No Object, What Would You Be Doing?

Which scenario describes you the best? You work to finance the necessities of life: pay the rent, support your family, or fund your hobbies. You don’t want your work to interfere with your personal life. Loyalty to your employer is low and you’ve changed
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