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Do You Work For A Bad Boss Or A Good Boss?

There are plenty of bad bosses out there: Bosses who rarely communicate with you and who are never around when you need them. Bosses who take no responsibility for their actions and are all too willing to throw others under the bus to deflect

How to Recover from a Poor Performance Review

A poor performance review can be devastating, especially one that catches you off guard. You may experience various emotions like anger, embarrassment, denial, disappointment, confusion, or shock. You might even be worried that your job is in jeopardy. For sure, your confidence will be

6 Ways Guaranteed to Impress Your Boss

Let’s face it: most bosses are bad at giving feedback—whether it’s positive or negative feedback. This lack of feedback can be particularly unsettling if you are new to a job and looking for direction. So, how should you perform if you receive no feedback

What Happens When You Don’t Get the Job

Finding out you did not get the job can be disappointing, especially if it was a job you really wanted. The news can be even more disheartening if you’ve been looking for a job for a long time and received several rejections. Most people

7 Behaviours That May Harm Your Career

Have you ever felt angry at being passed over for a promotion? Or felt the disappointment of not receiving the raise you wanted? And when you feel these emotions, do you look for someone else to blame? If you’re like most human beings, your

What To Look For In A Job Offer

I know of a person who was made a verbal job offer in the morning, only to have it withdrawn that same evening. Unfortunately, in the interim, he resigned from his current job. When he asked for his old job back, his employer refused.
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