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Career Transition

Our career transition programs combine extensive personal coaching, deep knowledge of the job market, and practical, easy-to-use resources. Our goal is to help participants make informed career decisions and secure new employment that fits their transferable skills and interests as quickly as possible.

We offer a full range of career transition programs including:

  • Our Job Search Skills Program for administrative, technical and longer-term, junior employees
  • Our Career Advancement Program, our most popular program, designed primarily for managers and professionals
  • Customized Group Workshops, a cost-effective way to assist employers affected by a large-scale downsizing through closures, reorganizations or cutbacks. These can be delivered in-person or virtually.

In all our programs, we help participants understand their strengths, research job markets and opportunities, write effective resumes, prepare for interviews, and negotiate fair salaries. And we help them enter the job market with a clear understanding of their strengths, a precise plan of action, and a realistic picture of current employment trends.

Participants will receive reference materials, such as sample resumes, videos, and other support materials, as well as an electronic copy of Gerald Walsh’s book PINNACLE: How to Land the Right Job and Find Fulfillment in Your Career.

Please contact us for more details.