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Career Coaching for Individuals

Participants in our Career Coaching Program succeed because they gain knowledge, clarity, perspective,  strategies, confidence and tools to help them achieve their goals.

Our program includes five (5) one-on-one meetings, conducted through Zoom. Here are the topics we cover:

Career Focus and Direction

  • Dealing with the impact of job loss
  • Overcoming any emotional barriers to launching an effective job search
  • Focusing on health and well being
  • Setting meaningful career goals and sound strategies for implementing them
  • Defining marketable skills and key accomplishments
  • Assessing educational and professional development needs

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

  • Creating clear, effective resumes that stand out from others
  • Understanding the various forms of resumes and when to use each one
  • Presenting career objectives, education, experience, skills, and interests
  • Learning the numerous do’s and don’ts of resume preparation
  • Drafting customized cover letters that increase the chances of being interviewed

Job Search Techniques

  • Developing a job search strategy that will lead to more and better job opportunities
  • Networking with potential employers and referral sources
  • Tapping the hidden job market
  • Managing the reference checking process
  • Using the internet to look for a job
  • Working with recruitment firms and employment agencies
  • Writing cover letters and responding to published job openings

Interviewing and Job Offer

  • Preparing for interviews
  • Handling difficult interview questions
  • Anticipating the most-commonly asked questions
  • Conducting interviews by Zoom and other virtual platforms
  • Leaving a positive, lasting impression on the interviewer
  • Following up after the interview
  • Negotiating a fair starting salary

Participants will receive reference materials, such as sample resumes, videos, and other support materials, as well as an electronic copy of Gerald Walsh’s book PINNACLE: How to Land the Right Job and Find Fulfillment in Your Career.

Contact us for more details.