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Senior Building Official - Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg is located on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia, about one hour from Halifax. With a population base of 25,000 people, the Municipality has a diversified economy based on manufacturing, government, fisheries, tourism, agriculture, and creative industries. On their behalf, we are seeking a Senior Building Official.
Operations Manager - Valley Waste Resource Management
Valley Region Solid Waste-Resource Management Authority (Valley Waste) is the inter-municipal services corporation that manages solid waste for the County of Kings and the towns of Annapolis Royal, Middleton, Berwick, Kentville and Wolfville. Based in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley, Valley Waste serves a population base of 65,000 people and...
General Manager - Kings Transit Authority
Kings Transit Authority is a public transit service operating daily from Grand Pre to Weymouth in the Annapolis Valley and western Nova Scotia. Funded by the six municipalities within that geographic area, it is governed by a Board of Directors who set overall policies and strategic direction. Public transit systems are at...

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How to Find Out if an Employer is Right for You
By Gerald Walsh ©
Interviews are far from perfect. Think about it. You spend a couple of hours in meetings with the employer, where everyone is on their best behaviour. Then, if you are offered the job, you have another few days to consider it before you must decide if you should quit your current job and take this new one. You are being forced to make an important life decision...
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Why Am I Not Being Called For Interviews?
By Gerald Walsh ©
The Labour Standards Code (or equivalent) in every province specifies the minimum notice period you must give your employer should you decide to quit your job. For example, in Nova Scotia, you must give one week’s notice if you have worked with an employer between three months and two years.
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