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Director of Public Works and Development - Municipality of the County of Pictou
The Municipality of the County of Pictou is the local government responsible for providing services to citizens in the rural communities of Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The Municipality has a population of approximately 20,600 and provides services in the areas of public works, some local roads, sewer and water, and recreation.
General Manager - Association of Industry Sector Councils
The Association of Industry Sector Councils (AISC) represents the interests of 32,000 small-and medium-sized businesses and 370,000 workers and their families in Nova Scotia. Working closely with the 14 industry sector councils, AISC’s goal is to attract, train, and retain talent to build a robust Nova Scotia, by sharing ideas, resources, and expertise.
Executive Director - Dartmouth Adult Services Centre
Dartmouth Adult Services Centre (DASC) is a dynamic social enterprise providing employment, vocational, and day programs for adults with intellectual disabilities. These individuals provide a range of quality products and services to businesses throughout the Halifax region.

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What College and University Students Can Do Now To Prepare For The Job Market
By Gerald Walsh ©
Without a doubt, the pandemic has affected the career plans of many people including students. But you shouldn’t let it sideline you altogether. If you are in college or university right now, yes, you should have some fun...
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Don’t Let Anxiety Sabotage Your Interview
By Gerald Walsh ©
Most people experience some level of interview anxiety. For some, it’s noticeable like sweaty palms, a flushed face, or a shaky voice. For others, it’s less noticeable but still bothersome like a dry mouth or a pounding heartbeat. Why does this happen?
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