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General Manager - Mount Saint Vincent University Students' Union
Mount Saint Vincent University Students' Union (MSVUSU) is a student-governed, not-for- profit organization that serves the diverse interests of Mount Saint Vincent University students. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, MSVUSU provides advocacy and a wide range of services to its members.
Executive Director - Brunswick Street Mission
Brunswick Street Mission, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, seeks to inspire a better quality of life that addresses physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual needs for those experiencing poverty. The current Executive Director is soon retiring, and we are seeking a passionate individual to lead this important community...
Manager - Nova Scotia Forestry Human Resources Sector Council
Nova Scotia Forestry Human Resources Sector Council is an industry-led initiative to human resource development tailored to meet the labour market needs of the forestry sector. The sector council works collaboratively to find innovative solutions to existing and emerging sectoral issues.

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What Should You Do If You Suddenly Lose Your Job?
By Gerald Walsh ©
Earlier this week at a local news radio station, eight people—including a couple I know well—lost their jobs unexpectedly. Admittedly, they are in an industry that is susceptible to economic swings. But it’s still a shock, and it brought to mind the question...
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If Money Was No Object, What Would You Be Doing?
By Gerald Walsh ©
Which scenario describes you the best? 1. You work to finance the necessities of life: pay the rent, support your family, or fund your hobbies. You don’t want your work to interfere with your personal life. Loyalty to your employer is low and...
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