My Top Blog Posts For 2017

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As we get set to start a brand new year, here’s a quick look back at our top five most popular blog posts in 2017. I look forward to sending weekly posts in 2018.


Are you sending out resume after resume and getting no response? Maybe you don’t have the right skills the employer is looking for. But it is equally possible that your resume contains things that turn off the employer.

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I am a strong advocate of using simple, clear language on resumes and in interviews. Instead many job applicants use buzzwords and clichés to try to demonstrate knowledge and impress others. But this strategy can backfire.

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Are you having a hard time getting up and out of bed in the morning? Are frustrated with the people you work with or the type of work you are doing? These may be signs it’s time to look for a new job.

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The odds of being selected for an interview are low even if you are a great candidate. That’s because so many candidates don’t  write their resume in a way that makes their qualifications and experience stand out. Here’s a simple checklist you should follow.

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I know a lot of people would love to quit their job right now if they could, but feel they can’t because of family commitments and other responsibilities. Quitting your job when you don’t have another one lined up can be frightening. But there may be some reasons why you should do so.

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