My 2020 New Year’s Wish List For The Workplace

By Gerald Walsh ©

The holiday season: the time of year when we look back on the year gone by and think about the peaks and valleys we experienced.

It’s also the time to anticipate the coming year and what we hope to accomplish in all aspects of our lives including work, family, community, friendships, and health.

What’s on your wish list for 2020?

Here are my wishes:

1. That all people seek to connect to a cause that is greater than themselves and engage in work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and purpose driven.

2. That our admiration is directed toward people who display gratitude, kindness, and integrity, and not toward people who are motivated by greed, prestige, and power.

3. That men in particular do what is right and speak out when they witness other men engaging in sexist talk, discrimination, or harassment in the workplace.

4. That we place greater value on the women and men who work selflessly in food banks, mission, shelters, and not-for-profit organizations for these are the people who make the greatest contribution to society.

5. That employers recognize that the best way to attract and retain engaged employees is to treat them with respect, pay them fairly, and offer opportunities to grow and learn.

6. That we develop political leaders who are trustworthy and who act with integrity, passion, and compassion in their work.

7. That employers give young people the opportunity to launch their careers by providing full-time jobs with decent pay, good training, and valuable mentorship.

8. That employers understand that having a diverse workforce is actually good for business.

9. That people focus less on their careers and more on their relationships, family, health, and community.

10. That the more “established” members of our community open doors for young people and newcomers to Canada so that everyone is given a chance to succeed.

11. That CEOs recognize they will achieve stronger financial results by treating their employees well instead of thinking of their workforce as a big expense.

12. That every young woman believes there is no limit to what she can accomplish in this world.

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