My 2018 New Year’s Wish List for the Workplace

By Gerald Walsh ©

For most of us, the holiday season is the time to look back over the year gone by and think about the highs and lows we experienced. It is also the time to look ahead to the coming year and wonder what it will bring for us and our families. 

Almost every year, I write a wish list for the workplace that I share with others. Technically, it’s not all about the ‘workplace’ but I am sure you will forgive me.

Here are my wishes for 2018… 

1. That Nova Scotian (and Canadian) employers continue to welcome immigrants into their workforce and treat them with dignity, respect, and fair pay.

2. That the unsung heroes who run food banks, shelters, missions, and not-for-profit organizations receive the recognition and appreciation they so deeply deserve for their valuable contribution to our society.

3. That employers work toward building a culture of trust, fairness, and kindness in the workplace.

4. That our elected representatives find the political will and personal integrity to shift the conversation from one of confrontation to a one of collaboration and cooperation.

5. That men have the courage to speak up when they see or hear other men engaging in sexist talk, discrimination, or harassment.

6. That our business leaders display humility, generosity, and compassion rather than arrogance, greed, and indifference.

7. That we stop criticizing and complaining and instead show our gratitude for the many things we have to be thankful for in our lives.

8. That despite all the bad that is happening in the world, we realize that the majority of people are still loving, respectful, and decent.

9. That those with power and influence will see the injustices in our community and in the world, and will have the courage to take steps to correct them.

10. That we realize giving is about more than donating money. It's about sharing your capabilities, content, and connections—and above all, giving others the chance to be heard, respected, and valued. (Full disclosure: I stole that line from Adam Grant, one of my favourite writers, and author of “Give and Take” and “Originals”)

11. That employers understand that for employees to be productive and engaged they need a safe place to grow, and they need to be recognized for their work. 

12. That we stop using the phrase “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business” because no matter how you look at it, business is personal. It’s all about the people.


What’s on your wish list for 2018?

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