My 2016 New Year’s Wish List for the Workplace

By Gerald Walsh ©

It’s that time of year again – the time when we reflect on the year gone by and plan for the coming year. I’ve decided to join in too and prepare my own list of wishes for the workplace in 2016.

I wish ….

  • That businesses start caring for people (their customers and employees) and stop making decisions based solely on what is most expedient.
  • That every college graduate, university graduate, and young person who wants to stay and live in Atlantic Canada can find meaningful work here.
  • That we reward those individuals who make real contributions to our world and temper the exorbitant compensation paid to executives who lay off employees to increase shareholder value.
  • That both employers and employees realize that the best places to work are those organizations that offer challenging work and career growth opportunities – not those that have pool tables in the staff room and beer bashes on Friday afternoons.
  • That companies ensure real live people answer the company phones, instead of recording machines that claim they “value” our service and then keep us on hold for what seems like hours.
  • That we eliminate annoying buzzwords like “foster”, “disruptive”, and “human capital” and replace it with plain language that everyone understands.
  • That employers give young people a chance to establish themselves by providing decent wages, good learning opportunities and real mentorship.
  • That we see others as people rather than avatars, online profiles, screen names and employee numbers.
  • That companies get rid of office designs that are dehumanizing for their employees and instead create work environments that are healthy, safe and respectful.
  • That young people experience the rewards of volunteerism – for themselves and others – and that their employers support and encourage them in these endeavours.
  • That we welcome all newcomers to Canada with open arms and show them what being “Canadian” really means.


Gerald Walsh is an executive recruiter, career coach, public speaker and writer. During a 25+ year career, he has interviewed more than 10,000 job candidates, completed hundreds of successful searches for a range of organizations and guided many individuals – from young professionals to senior executives – to successful career change. He is the author of “PINNACLE: How to Land the Right Job and Find Fulfillment in Your Career.” You can follow Gerry on Twitter @@Gerald_Walsh and LinkedIn