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Simple Questions to Help You Better Prepare for the Interview

When searching for a new job, you may encounter a variety of interview formats ranging from completely unstructured interviews—which end up being causal conversations over coffee—to highly-structured ones—where the interviewer asks pre-planned questions in an organized way. For some candidates, the latter style feels

Decline the Offer Without Burning Bridges

There are plenty of reasons why you might turn down a job offer even after you’ve been through a series of interviews, meetings, and testing. However it can be awkward, especially if you’ve been indicating your interest in the job all along by continuing

How to Overcome a Less-Than-Stellar Performance Review

A disappointing performance review can be devastating, especially one that caught you off guard. You may experience a range of emotions like anger, embarrassment, denial, failure, confusion, or shock. You might even be worried that your job is in jeopardy. For sure, it will

It’s Time to Update Your Resume

The new year is a time of excitement and renewal for many people with pledges to get fit, volunteer more, and generally incorporate positive habits into their life. If one of your goals this year is to pursue a new career, the first place

10 Signs You’re Stuck in a Dead-End Job

Everybody has good days and bad days at work. But, even if you’re in your “dream” job, there will be times when you wonder if you should be doing something else. But how do you distinguish between short-lived restlessness and absolute certainty that it’s

Should You Ask for that Raise?

Have you been thinking about asking for a raise but not quite sure how to bring up the subject with your boss? Here are a few things to think about first: Forget the old criteria for granting raises. Long gone are the days when

Write For Humans, Not Machines

Many companies receive hundreds (if not thousands) of resumes for job postings. When that occurs, there’s no time for the hiring manager to sift through them all. That is why some companies rely on applicant tracking systems to conduct the initial review of resumes.

What Can Students Do Now To Prepare For The Job Market?

This blog is written primarily for students entering (or returning to) university or college—and for their parents. Your university and college years should be a time to learn, have fun, and make new friends. Regardless of which courses of study you take, it’s never
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