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How Much Notice Should You Give?

The Labour Standards Code (or equivalent) in every province specifies the minimum notice period you must give your employer should you decide to quit your job. Notice period is the amount of time from when you tell your employer you are leaving and when

What To Do If You Are Overqualified For A Job

For some strange reason, employers view being overqualified for a job as a bad thing. Their fears, mostly, are rooted in the belief that you will become bored with the work and move on once a better opportunity arises. Or, that the pay won’t

The 10 Most Frequent Job Searching Errors

Everyone makes mistakes now and then. But in a competitive job market, the smallest of mistakes, even a minor typo or grammatical error, can cost you a chance at a good job. We’ve seen lots of blunders over the years. Here are the ten

The First Few Months of a New Job

Starting a new job can be stressful and you may begin to doubt yourself. Did I make the right move? Will my co-workers like me? Do I have the skills? How will I fit? But a move to a new job does not have

Is It Ever Okay To Leave A Job Off Your Resume?

This question arose a couple of weeks ago in a conversation I was having with a career coaching client. For the last 15 years, he has worked with the same employer—except for a brief six-month stint in the middle when he left to join
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