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When Your Boss Is Younger Than You

We hear a lot about demographics in the workplace and the challenges it creates. One that causes particular stress is when an older worker must report to a much-younger boss. Are you in this situation? Rather than stressing about how this relationship is going

What’s The Worst Career Advice You’ve Ever Received?

My blog a couple of weeks ago “What’s The Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Received” generated a large response with many people sharing smart advice they had received throughout their career. This week I thought I’d flip it around and ask, “What’s The Worst Career Advice You’ve Ever

In The End, You Will Regret The Risks You Never Took

A friend of mine, Peter, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, approached me at an event recently. I put out my right hand to shake hands but, as I did, he awkwardly extended his left hand instead. I hadn’t noticed that his right

What’s the Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Is it better to be interviewed first? Or last? Or somewhere in between? When asked, I have usually defaulted to anecdotal evidence. Some say it is better to be interviewed first to leave a strong first impression and become the standard that all others

10 Behaviours That Could Get You Fired

We all misbehave occasionally. And while one slipup, on its own, might be overlooked by your boss, the cumulative effect of bad behaviour can be costly to your career. Here are 10 behaviours that could get you in big trouble: 1. Bad body language.

Didn’t Get the Job? What to Do Next.

It’s disheartening when you don’t get a job you really wanted. The news can be even harder to take if you’ve been looking for a job for a long time and have received numerous rejections. Most people will tell you to “accept it and

How to Prepare For a Second Interview

For many jobs, the employer will want to interview you more than once before making the final hiring decision. The first interview—often conducted by HR—is primarily a screening interview to determine if you meet the minimum requirements of the job. When they have met

Useless Career Advice That Everyone Gives

One thing there is no shortage of is useless career advice from well-meaning friends, family, teachers, and career counsellors. Even though their advice is genuine, often it won’t help with your job search. You should politely say “thanks” and move on. I am curious

Use the Cover Email to Improve Your Job Chances

You may be surprised to learn many job applicants think that “Hey” is an appropriate greeting for an email when applying for a job. While you may expect this from a young person applying for their first job, I see it from people of
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