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How to Overcome Interview Anxiety and Land the Job

Most people experience some level of interview anxiety. For some, it’s noticeable, like sweaty palms, a flushed face, or a shaky voice. For others, it’s less noticeable but still bothersome, like a dry mouth or a pounding heartbeat. Why does this happen? Interviews often

The Potential Pitfalls of Accepting a Counteroffer

Making the decision to leave your current job for a new opportunity is rarely an easy one. Even if the new position offers a higher salary, shorter commute, and better growth prospects, parting ways with your current employer can be emotionally challenging. But what

Is “Follow Your Passion” Good Career Advice?

Every year, as university graduation ceremonies take place, numerous influential speakers emphasize the significance of pursuing one’s passion. While this advice can be inspiring, I have concerns that it oversimplifies the complexities and practicalities of career development for young individuals entering the workforce. It

Give Smart Answers to Stupid Questions

As if interviews weren’t stressful enough, interviewers will sometimes ask a strange or silly question to see how you respond to an unexpected query. The stupidest questions (in my opinion) are ones supposedly designed to measure an aspect of your personality. For example: “If

It’s Never Too Late

Let’s say you’re at mid-career now. Do any of these thoughts or situations apply to you? … You’re bored, exhausted, and restless. Staying in the same job for another ten or twenty years feels like a prison sentence to you. … You find yourself
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